How to Know the Market Values Your Product


I walked off stage having finished my final speech to a crowd of over 8,000 attending the Youth Ablaze conference in Uganda. As the security detail led me through the crowd, something remarkable happened. Just before the exit, a woman stepped out of the crowd to shake my hand. After shaking my hand, she quickly […]

How I Learned the Path to True Wealth Comes from Closeness with God


How much is enough? You will be asked this question at some point in your life. Most likely the person asking the question will be you. In my forty year career, I have discussed this question with many business people. Money is always the measurement. If they are getting started, then enough is usually $1 […]

The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success: Being All In


Recently I was speaking to a class of entrepreneurs at Kennesaw State University. One of the students raised his hand and asked, “What is the best way for me to raise money?” The short answer is, “When you prove to me you’re in, then I’m in.” Sometimes I talk to entrepreneurs that say, “My job […]

How God Orchestrated a Phenomenal Week with Thousands Giving Their Lives to Jesus


This week Kathy and I finished speaking at the Youth Ablaze 2016 conference in Uganda. The prayer, the praise, the excitement, the speakers were all led by the Holy Spirit. It was the hardest week I have ever experienced and the most rewarding. Inspiring Personal Stories Kathy and I have made 8,900 new friends and now brothers and […]

With God’s Help, Over $73,000 Given for Uganda Conference

Thank You for Your Prayers and Support

How to RaiseMoney for a Cause

I had a few people ask me how and why I raised over $73,000 for this month’s trip to Youth Ablaze 2016 in Uganda. Here are the details. Why More Than How I decided to raise the money so the ministry’s support base would grow. I received no compensation for keynote speaking. Raising funds forced […]

God’s Amazing Promise of Love

Eulogy for My Friend


Marc believed the life he was living wasn’t enough. It wasn’t quite right. There was some truth, some set of ideas which, if known, would make life greatly rewarding. The cost of this pursuit of truth was relationships. Those closest to him were sometimes hurt the most. We Just Clicked I met Marc when I dropped […]

Essentials to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

First Steps

“You want to be an entrepreneur? Move out of your parent’s house,” I said. I believe the first step in becoming an entrepreneur is to prove you can make it on your own. If you can’t support yourself in the world, why should anyone trust you can support a workforce? I asked the prospective entrepreneur, […]

Three Sales Channels That Put Your Startup at Risk

Fools Gold-2

Startups need cash to get off the ground. The purpose of the startup cash is to give you time to create a company which generates its own cash. Therefore, it is critical to focus on short-term sales strategies to create short-term results. The fastest way to generate cash is to sell something as soon as […]

Rules for Stopping Investment in a Startup

Stop Writing Checks-2

“Now that is a really hard question,” said the experienced angel and former entrepreneur. “What question?” I asked “How do you know when to stop investing in a startup?” he said. We were attendees at the Angel Lounge at the ATDC. This is a monthly luncheon meeting I facilitate. There were 22 angel investors present […]