Avoiding the Peril of Fast Decision Making from a Hectic Life

“So what are you going to be doing this weekend?” I asked. “This Sunday, after church, I will spend the afternoon sitting in my easy chair and thinking,” my friend Price Harding said. Price is the best executive recruiter and one of the finest advisors I have ever met. In this conversation, he gave me […]

How I Went Wide, Not Deep

At some point in 2016, I decided to say “yes” to pretty much every “opportunity” which came my way. To use angel investing parlance, I abandoned due diligence process and simply invested. In the past, I sought to schedule my time judiciously. My Bad Decisons But I began making poor time investments. I was investing me […]

When Being a Market Opportunity Is Not Enough for Success

“Would you consider yourself a threat or an opportunity to the people in your market?” asked my friend, K. P. Reddy. K. P. is the co-founder of The Combine. Working with big businesses and technical founders, The Combine converts promising intellectual property into sustainable businesses. I asked K. P. and his team to visit one […]

Why I’ll Never Retire

My New God-Given Conviction

“I have been reading your blog, and something has changed with you. I want to know about it,” said my buddy, Jim, visiting from Los Angeles. He is the business development guy for Asuza Pacific University, which is just outside Los Angeles. APU is a Christian college. He got my name five years ago from […]

What Is Your Reflex?

“His brain always goes to the right place. It never goes to the bad place,” said Rob, a friend and angel investor with particularly keen insights. I had made an observation about an investor I am particularly impressed with in our community. I knew Rob was in a deal with him, and I was wondering […]