3 Secrets to Giving an Effective Presentation

Part 1: Preparing for the Talk

I’ve found there are three steps to delivering an effective speech. First is understanding the organization and audience so I can get to an interesting topic. Second is preparing the speech. Third is practice. Having done this for a long time, I’ve found these steps are critical in preparing and delivering a presentation with lasting […]

Small Actions Can Yield Big Rewards

Friendly Persistence Changes a Destiny

Would you like to hear me speak on “Bringing Jesus to Work?” I’ve been invited to address the men’s group of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church on September 25th at 7 AM. If you would like to join me, please click for more details. Registration closes Sunday morning. This is the story of how I […]

What Would Steve-o Do?

5 Lessons on How to Really Live Life

I was approaching my first tunnel just outside Milan, Italy. I was riding a rented BMW F800GS motorcycle with Kathy on the back. Loaded down with all our luggage, we were heavy and traveling at 68 mph. Of the eight bikes, one rider was consistently lagging behind. That was Steve-o. The tunnels in Italy cut […]

Why Is It So Hard To Apologize?

9 Steps to Healing Hurt

I was talking to my friend Mike, and he said, “As soon as I say something hurtful to someone I love, I know it. I know it the moment the words leave my mouth.” Mike is a Christian so he followed this with, “It is the Holy Spirit convicting me.” Then he asked, “This happens […]

This Year’s Conference Is Bigger Than Ever

20,000 Attend While Millions Listen

As I write this, I am four speeches in on “The Seven Super Powers of the Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur.” Kathy has given one of her two talks to the women at the conference. Yesterday I finally met the Ugandan team which named their business Paparelli. They are amazing and have created six new businesses in […]

What It Means to Be Co-founder of a Startup

Companies Are Built on Transparent Relationships

“I’ve reviewed the business, but I can’t seem to get the right question answered. I need more information to decide if this is a good fit for me,” Mark said. Mark is a corporate executive who is ready to make the leap to fast-growing startups. He wants to get in early with a company solving […]

Uganda Youth Entrepreneur Conference Is Now!

Over 20,000 Expected, God at Work

I’m back at it. Uganda. Youth Ablaze 2018. September 3rd. This time I’m not fighting it like I used to. I am fighting it, just not with the same intensity and self-righteousness. (I was wondering why I’m not, to tell you the truth.) Every year I agree to go to Uganda. This will be the […]

How I Made Myself Feel Small

And What I Changed from the Experience

“Not everybody thinks I am helpful. There is this one guy in the startup community who really dislikes me,” I said. Here’s the story. I met with a founder and his team in 2009. They were bright, talented, and chasing what looked like a big problem in a growing market. I was asked to join […]

How I’m Learning to Get Real and Write from My Heart

The Pain and Gain of Transparency

“I always wanted to write a novel,” she said. I was having lunch with Michelle, a good friend who owns an advertising agency. I always admired her for her copywriting. Her writing, even in a simple email, was clear and to the point. When she wrote copy for a product, she had a way of tapping […]