Why Effectiveness Is Not A Good Criteria for Giving

Giving Money-2

“Are you going to give money to support the conference I’ll be speaking at in Uganda?” I asked my friend who also has his own ministry. “I’m not sure those types of events are effective. I question whether they make any real difference,” he said. “So you want to be sure every charitable dollar you give […]

Please Pray for Me

Youth Ablaze 2016


Every morning I go to my quiet office and ask Jesus to bless my time with Him. I start by reading my devotional and write down a sentence or two capturing what I learned. Then I move on to reading the Bible, and finally I pray. Every day I pray for my family, the people […]

Your Best Roadmap for Successful Funding

Get Sustainable First

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“How much will you need to raise to get to profitability?” I asked the entrepreneur. He said, “We can get to profitability on a million or less, but that’s not the plan. I plan to raise a million to a million and a half and build out the concept. Then I’ll raise an additional three […]

Why Many Entrepreneurs Are Like Love Starved Teenagers

Findingthe PicturePerfectMarket

Yesterday Kathy and I went to get headshots done by a professional photographer. We will be speaking in Uganda again this year, and we needed to update our pics. During our photo session, I asked the photographer who he photographs. He said, “When I got started, I wanted to photograph professional models. I saw it […]

An Unexpected Kindness Gave Me an Unforgettable Memory

Honeymoon Gift from a Stranger-2

“I’m getting married,” I told my travel agent. This was back in 1977 when the only way to book flights was through a travel agent. Our agent had an office on the first floor of our office building. Back then I traveled all the time. I Didn’t Have $400 “Congratulations,” he said. “Where are you […]

Why a Willingness to Shrink is Critical for Growth

Growing Past the Founder-2

“You look terrible!” I said. “Worry is painted all over your face.” “I just sent out an SOS to donors for our ministry,” he explained. I met Tim nine years ago at a startup seminar for ministries. The attendees were called by God to start a ministry, and they came to learn how to do […]

When Employees are Artists, Customers Come Second

A Coffe Shop Story

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said to Dan, the manager of an Atlanta coffee shop. A friend who spends a lot of time working in that coffee shop introduced me to him. “I have a question for you, Dan. Gregg told me something I am finding hard to believe,” I said. The person who […]