What Problem Do You Solve?

“I help increase sales productivity,” he said. I met with a friend recently who is doing sales consulting. Sales consulting is a big market. There are lots of areas to focus on, so I asked, “What do you mean when you say you increase sales productivity?” “Did you know that 97% of sales people have […]

56 Questions I Ask Myself Every Time I Fail

Like all Atlanta Falcons fans experiencing dashed championship dreams, I’m asking, “What happened?” The sun didn’t come out that day. It was chilly, rainy and dreary. We blew a 25 point lead with 20 minutes left. Asking the Tough Questions I’ve been in technology startups for 40 years as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor. A few times, […]

Do You Trust You?

This is the third in a three part series on trust. A friend asked me to meet with a consultant whose career is winding down. He is very successful in every way imaginable. He has a great wife and marriage, successful kids, a great reputation within his prestigious consulting firm, plenty of clients and the material possessions to prove […]

How Do You Fire Innocent Employees?

And Get Those Left to Trust You

This is the second in a three part series on trust. “You have to do a layoff,” said Jim Porter. We were a fast growing company and an icon of success. In fact our byline was “We are success.” Cracking the market was exciting. We experienced amazing growth through market acceptance. When a market is buying, there […]

What Happens When Trust Is Shattered

This is the first in a three part series on trust. “My father was eight years old when he lost his left arm,” the successful entrepreneur said. It was our first meeting, and I wanted to know a little about his family background. “Was it an accident?” I asked. “My grandfather took my dad to the […]

The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Moving from Stagnation to Transformation

“We are growing at 5-10% per year and have been doing so for the last three years. We are all making a living, but I am not sure if we are building value. I’m not getting any younger. What do I do?” he asked. Incremental Growth Trap This is a company I invested in a few […]

Real Entrepreneurs Find Fulfillment from the Journey

“You like football?” he said in a loud, raspy voice, knowing full well that at that point I was hating football, myself and the day I signed that first contract to become a head coach. “Well, do you?” Dave asked again. “You love football? You do, don’t you? You love it! You know you love it!” […]

Building a Profitable Business Will Radically Change Your Objectives

“What do you think I should be focusing on?” she asked. “I think you should focus on building your business,” I said. I know this seems obvious, but in the startup world these days, it isn’t obvious. There seems to be a straight line mentality which connects startups with funding. It’s a three step process. Declare […]