5 Types of Relationships for a Happy and Successful Life

Lessons from My Hits and Misses


“What five pieces of advice do you have for a man in his twenties?” asked David, a 25-year-old. I was meeting with three young men for dinner. They are all leaders and will make a difference in the future of Uganda. David impressed me as a leader of leaders. His question caused me to flash back to […]

Entrepreneurs Create Opportunity and Share Excitement


“God gave me a vision for a new rotary internal combustion engine,” he said. “Really? Tell me about it,” I said. “I was taking the trash to my garage, and out of nowhere I got this vision for a rotary engine,” he said. Five months later, we started a company to design and build that […]

Uncommon Common Sense to Raising Money


“We are getting ready to raise our first round of significant angel money. We came to seek your advice. We need a plan,” said the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur quit his job and started full time on his dream just over a year ago. It is a vertical market e-commerce site with fast growth potential. He […]

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned in 40 Years


For his first day of work, he wore a tweed sports coat with velvet patches on the sleeves. He would soon find out it wasn’t a good dress choice. This was Bob Lasher’s (see photo above) first day as our newest sales rep at Management Control Systems (MCS). Learning to Sell Our VP of Sales […]

The Friday Morning Meeting That Changed My Life


Robert, a friend and co-worker, invited me to the 1993 High Tech Prayer Breakfast. I wasn’t sure how to respond to the invitation. After all, I had never been to a “prayer anything.” “What is it?” I asked. “It is the single biggest networking event in the Atlanta technology community. You’ll see all the leaders in […]

Success Blinded Me to My Employees’ Needs


“Do you believe in vacations?” my head of customer service asked me. It was a little after 7 pm, and Mike and I were walking to our cars together to head home. We talked about how overwhelmed he was given the torrid pace of our sales organization. Our software company had the timing just right, […]

How to Know the Market Values Your Product


I walked off stage having finished my final speech to a crowd of over 8,000 attending the Youth Ablaze conference in Uganda. As the security detail led me through the crowd, something remarkable happened. Just before the exit, a woman stepped out of the crowd to shake my hand. After shaking my hand, she quickly […]

How I Learned the Path to True Wealth Comes from Closeness with God


How much is enough? You will be asked this question at some point in your life. Most likely the person asking the question will be you. In my forty year career, I have discussed this question with many business people. Money is always the measurement. If they are getting started, then enough is usually $1 […]