Who You Are Matters as Much as Your Entrepreneurial Idea


“I have a great idea for a business,” said the entrepreneur. I was in a conversation with a 24-year-old would-be entrepreneur. “What is the business you are thinking about starting?” I asked. “I have an idea for a new social media site,” he said. Yikes, I thought. “Tell me about it,” I responded. The prospective […]

Why Appearance Matters More Than You Think


I was standing at my booth at a small trade show in October 1978 and heard the keynote speaker say, “The way you dress tells people whether you are the CEO, stock boy or a__hole. The way you dress creates your image.” The speaker was John T. Molloy who wrote Dress for Success. The book was published […]

Discovering God Through the Power of Community


Recently I started a new Bible study. Thirty people showed up in a room which holds twelve. We were packed in like sardines. This physical intimacy led to personal intimacy and connection. When I asked why they came to this study, they were all very honest. “I am interested in knowing what the Bible is […]

Baseball Fundamentals and Business Smarts


“At the beginning of every baseball season, I always review the fundamentals of the game,” Rusty said. Rusty Gordon has been coaching baseball for 35 years. Many of his players have become Division 1 scholarship athletes and professional players. He can call a game almost as well as John Smoltz did the World Series. Sitting with […]

Uncovering the Essence of Servant Leadership


“Will you be the next chairman of High Tech Month?” Chris asked. Chris Coleman was the founder of a very successful marketing firm called Folio Z. In the 1990’s Chris was a big influence in moving the Atlanta technology community forward. She was also a big influence on me and my career in angel investing and […]

A Brief History of the Atlanta Tech Community


A few of days ago I attended the retirement luncheon of Tino Mantella, the President and CEO of the Technology Association of Georgia. He took TAG from concept to world-wide reality. All of us in the Atlanta technology community are grateful to Tino for his vision and flawless execution. He did something I didn’t think […]