Rules for Stopping Investment in a Startup

Stop Writing Checks-2

“Now that is a really hard question,” said the experienced angel and former entrepreneur. “What question?” I asked “How do you know when to stop investing in a startup?” he said. We were attendees at the Angel Lounge at the ATDC. This is a monthly luncheon meeting I facilitate. There were 22 angel investors present […]

Successful Entrepreneur’s One Must-Have Quality

Hope is Everything

“You don’t go out of business because you run out of money. You go out of business because you lose hope,” I said. Running Out of Cash I was helping an entrepreneur prepare for a board meeting on a recent trip to California. The entrepreneur I’ll call Kris was walking me through her agenda for […]

Two Kinds of People, One Makes the Best Entrepreneur

Empathy vs. Sympathy

“There are two kinds of people in this world,” said the young entrepreneur. “Sympathy people and empathy people. “Sympathy people have a heart for the people in need and want to help but don’t know how. They don’t really understand the problem. Truth: It takes time to learn the secret sauce of a market. Click […]

Essential Characteristics of Great Entrepreneurs

Are You a Person of Destiny?

Kathy and I were in NYC for a wedding last weekend. We met two different young men from two very different backgrounds over two different meals. Both of them had a clear and compelling vision. Researching Opportunity Changes Lives Karim Abouelnaga founded a nonprofit at the age of eighteen. He was born in poverty in […]

Pastor Elijah Teaches Me an Important Lesson

Prayer Before Action

“Did God ask you to approach these men?” he asked. I was speaking to my friend and mentor Pastor Elijah Sebuchu. I’ve written about him in the past, most notably when I talked about his philosophy “relationships are better than meat.” Pastor Elijah is all about relationships, but he’s also a man of prayer. Become […]

What to Do When Making Money Is Easy

The Gift of Making Money

“Sometimes I think it would be easier to go back to working out of my house,” he said. Bob is an entrepreneur friend I’ve helped for the last five years. He came to me right after his company cut his territory and commission plan…again. He had the experience and network to start his own business, so I encouraged […]

Why I Love Entrepreneurs

...And You Should, Too

No. 3_ They are a mirror which reflects the best in life. Hope.-3

I was sitting on the beach appreciating all the entrepreneurs I know. Then I tapped this post out on my phone. I love entrepreneurs because… 1. They can answer the question, “Why are you doing this?” when normal people stopped asking themselves “Why?” a long time ago. 2. They lose themselves in their work. Every day […]

Why Effectiveness Is Not A Good Criteria for Giving

Giving Money-2

“Are you going to give money to support the conference I’ll be speaking at in Uganda?” I asked my friend who also has his own ministry. “I’m not sure those types of events are effective. I question whether they make any real difference,” he said. “So you want to be sure every charitable dollar you give […]