Help Me!

Learning to come as a little child-2

“I can help you stretch out after you finish on the elliptical,” Stephany, my personal trainer, offered. She had just finished with a client and was about to leave for her next gig but wanted to do me a quick favor as she saw I was almost finished with my workout. “No, thanks,” I said quickly. […]

The Decision That Makes Your Business Sustainable

5th in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup


“Let’s get together for a drink and catch up. It’s been too long,” said Sterling Williams, CEO of Sterling Software, as we connected by phone. It had been too long, way too long. He was building multi-billion dollar companies. I was in the second year of struggling to build an angel investment business. He was […]

An Entrepreneur’s Most Important Resources

4th in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup

Understanding the Tension Extrepreneur's 3 Critical Resources

Two and a half years into my new business as a professional angel investor, my friend and wealth manager, David, dropped in for a visit. We caught up on our families, golf games, businesses, and the community. It was great to see him, and I really enjoyed his company. Then he dropped the bomb on me. […]

Leveraging the Power of Relationships

3rd in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup

Meet Is Better Than Meat

Bernie Grey once told me, “You want to be an angel investor? Write a check.” Bernie was one of the most active angel investors in Atlanta from 1990 through 2010. He and Sig were partners in lots of deals during that time. They helped build our technology community and influenced many entrepreneurs, including me. Writing the First Check […]

Daily Action Focused on Your Vision Delivers Success

2nd in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup

Ideas Require Action to Build Momentum

I was sharing my idea of starting a private equity investment business with my friends and mentors. I had some encouragement, but most of them thought it was a dumb idea. Here is a sample of the feedback I received. “You’re not an investor. You are a CEO. Do what you do best.” “Are you nuts? […]

What Stage Is Your Startup Idea?

1st in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup

What's Your Idea?

“When did you first get the idea?” I asked. He answered, “It was six years ago while I was working for an investment banking firm.” “That’s interesting. My idea came to me five years prior to starting my business,” I said. It takes time to think through, research and test your idea. Click To Tweet […]

Necessary Tension Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Balance

EntrepreneurialLesson 101

“You’re not making money,” I said. “But I am trying to make an impact,” replied Mike, an entrepreneur friend. I met Mike six years ago. His idea was a B2C services business which I believed had too many moving parts. In other words, too many things had to go right to make money. From Meager to […]

Integrating Faith with Business as a Muslim

Sharing What You Believe is Critical

“I am interested in how you integrate your faith in your business,” Ali said. “Why is this interesting to you?” I asked. Living vs. Speaking One’s Faith “I wondered if being transparent about your faith cost you business or the opportunity to hire the best people,” he replied. Ali is part of a small Shia […]