Gate #5: Build a Profitable Company

It took me 35 years to discover these Five Gates to Turning your Idea into a Successful Startup. If you enjoy this series, share it with a friend. To catch up, go to The email subject read, “Term Sheet.” Before I opened the email, I knew what was in it. The company I had invested […]

10 Thoughts on Becoming a Successful Entpreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. Stick to what you know and where you are successful. The wandering eye only sees the target in hindsight. 9. Keep doing what you are really good at and you’ll always build a valuable business. 8. John Wooden, “Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.” 7. Your […]

4 Must-Have Traits for the Entreprenuer Searching for Angel Investment

Today everyone who has the desire to start a new business is an entrepreneur. If you can put together a one-page executive summary, a slide deck describing the opportunity, and a vision for the idea, you think you should be able to raise money. Not so fast. Although many are entrepreneurs, not every entrepreneur can raise money […]

10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs and Angels. Plus today’s question.

10. There must be a connection between the entrepreneur and the potential investor. 9. Starting is the presence of hope, and ending is the absence of hope. 8. Decade-long relationships are more valuable than money. When I’ve made this mistake, I’ve lost. 7. The entrepreneur’s best advisor spends more time on encouragement and less on […]

Gate 4: How Much Will They Pay to Solve the Problem?

It took me 35 years to discover these five simple principles, or gates, to becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you enjoy this series, share it with a friend. To catch up, go to “We seem to be getting an awful lot of interest from service bureaus who provide business voicemail services,” said Jamal, my salesman. […]

10 Reflections for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. There is no shortcut to discovering how to sell and deliver your product. You need to do it yourself. 9. Building a business is both a natural and a supernatural endeavor. 8. The successful entrepreneur resiliently believes she is on the two-yard line and only a Hail Mary pass away from the big win. […]

10 Challenges of Being a Successful Entrepreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. The more people you put between the entrepreneur, the decision maker, and the market, the longer it takes and the more money required for success. 9. The wise entrepreneur seeks out the angel with a community development mindset knowing they will stay involved for the long haul. 8. For the true entrepreneur it’s not […]

10 Thoughts for Success in Life and Business (Plus Today’s Question)

10. The further away the entrepreneur is from direct knowledge of the problem, the more assumptions must be made and the greater the likelihood those assumptions will be wrong. 9. The founder focused on capital will lose to the entrepreneur focused on business growth. 8. The greater the success, the greater the vulnerability for the […]