Who’s the Truth Speaker in Your Life?

“I feel all alone,” confessed the entrepreneur.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Wined and Dined

“I have a business that is growing 100% year on year. I am being wined and dined by some of the biggest private equity guys in New York. I have great investors and capable, loyal employees. But I have no one to talk to who understands what I am going through personally,” he said.

“What types of issues are you dealing with personally?” I asked.

“I am starting to believe I am pretty talented. When I am in New York, I am sitting next to Billy Crystal at Yankee games. I am at dinners drinking thousand dollar bottles of wine. I am meeting in offices overlooking the Statue of Liberty while discussing 500 million dollar financings.”

“Sounds like a pretty exciting life. You are talented, and now people in high places are recognizing you for it. What’s the problem?” I asked.

Remember the Who

“The problem is, I have no one who will speak truth to me. Everybody is telling me how great I am, and I am really starting to believe it. I’ve been around enough to know this isn’t going to go anywhere healthy for me, my family or my business,” he explained.

“I don’t want to lose who I am because of who people think I can become. I want to still be me while achieving this success.

“When I came home from my last trip to New York, I was telling my wife what had happened. Who I met with, what was said, where we ate and the entertainment I enjoyed.

“She said, ‘Sounds like you had fun. Remember who you are.’

“I needed that,” he said.

“So isn’t it enough to have your wife speak into your life? To keep you grounded?” I asked.

“She is great for me, but I am afraid she isn’t enough. She has never been through anything like this. She is living it for the first time just like I am. I need someone else I can trust who has been there. Someone I can share my most intimate thoughts with. My opportunities, fears, concerns and temptations. Someone who knows me like God knows me,” he said.

Keeping Morally Centered

“So you need someone who can keep you morally centered. Do you have anyone in your life helping you with that?” I asked.

“I have a good relationship with my pastor. We meet now and again, and he is a big help. But I believe I need a businessman who can mentor me through all this success. A guy who ran this same track and can keep me from stumbling in life,” he said.

“What would this guy’s role be in your life?” I asked.

“I know this. I don’t need a business mentor. I need a life mentor. I am surrounded by great business people but not morally centered people. I need a man I can speak to about my relationship with Jesus Christ, my wife, my kids, my mother, my brother and my relatives. Someone who has the godly grounding and experience to guide me in these relationships,” he explained.

I told him just that morning, I was reading the Bible and received an insight into leadership. I explained that over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading about the kings of Israel and Judah. In introducing each king, I realized they were characterized as either doing what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord their God or doing evil in the eyes of the Lord.

Find a Prophet

The kings who honored God always had a prophet in their lives. This truth speaker did not advise on the administration of the kingdom. This person interceded with God on behalf of the king through prayer and advised the king on what was right in the eyes of God. He never hesitated to speak bluntly and truthfully to the king he mentored.

“That’s what I need in my life. That’s what I am looking for. I need someone who knows all that is going on in my life and is praying for me and giving me godly advice and insights. Someone who will hold me accountable to God himself,” he said.

“Would you be that man in my life?” he asked.

“I would be honored, but I am not sure I am clear on your expectations. I’m not sure I would do a good job for you,” I objected.

He asked, “If you did this, what would you be afraid of?”

“I would be afraid I would not maintain a close enough relationship with Jesus Christ to guide you. This role would force me to stay close to God on your behalf. That is a big responsibility.

“You are a man destined for greatness. You see, without this close relationship with God, I will simply be giving you moral advice and that is not nearly good enough. That’s my fear,” I confessed.

We agreed to pray about it and get back with each other. A good start.

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