The Barometer of True Entrepreneurial Success

What Is Your Formula for Fun?

“I’m working as hard as I’ve ever worked, and it’s just not fun,” said Nick, a new entrepreneur. “Why not?” I asked. Applying Massive Effort “I put in a massive effort, and progress is measured incrementally. I want it all to go faster. I want to get the product done. Then I can sell it, […]

10 Critical Lessons Before Writing the Check

Blake Patton’s Insights for Early Stage Investors

I am a fan of Blake Patton. I respect him as a husband, father, community leader and friend. He is also this year’s local keynote speaker for the October 6th Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast. Blake started Tech Square Ventures three years ago. In this short time he has: Raised Tech Square’s initial fund Tapped […]

3 Things a Clear Entrepreneurial Vision Accomplishes

“We are suffering from advisor whiplash,” Fred said. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “We are aiming to raise money for our startup. We’ve been fortunate to meet with lots of really qualified angels and advisors. The problem is everybody has an opinion on how much we should raise and on what terms. Net […]

How an Article in Fortune Changed My Life

On a business trip in 1986, I was flipping through Fortune magazine, and I came across an article about Ronald Perelman. Here’s how the article began. REVLON CHAIRMAN Ronald Owen Perelman has a penchant for contrasts: a tangy personal life and the practice of Judaism, fancy restaurants and junk food, earsplitting rock music aboard his […]

How Self-Centeredness Made My Work Less Fulfilling

Work is fulfilling; then suddenly it isn’t. Before that time, everything is clear. You know what you are doing. You are getting results. You are successful. You are about to reach the prize, get the gold ring. Then just as you are reaching for it, you realize it doesn’t matter. You’ll just have to do […]

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Being a Great Mentor

Chris Hanks, far right, with students from the Kennesaw State University Entrepreneurship Center. “I can’t thank Chris enough for opening my eyes to becoming an entrepreneur,” the student said. Professor Chris Hanks, Kennesaw State University, had just asked students to come to the front of the room and share their story. He knew they were […]

Right Board Members Essential For Success

“This isn’t the way a board should operate!” exclaimed my fellow board member. “What’s the problem?” I asked. “A board of directors shouldn’t be discussing detailed operational topics like this. We should be reviewing proposed strategy and the associated budgets,” he said. You must have the best founding executive team and the best founding board. […]

So, Now What?

How to Think Intentionally About Your Stage in Life

As I reflect on the anniversary of each decade in my life, I only remember a couple of “stop and think” moments. When I hit thirty, I realized I was going to die one day. I thought it was a ridiculous thought until it was validated by Steve Jobs who had the same thought at […]

Why I Admire Kevin Compton

Dean Kaman is the famed inventor of the Segway. A terrific invention but a mediocre commercial success. I remember all the hype surrounding the Segway. It was on the news, the morning shows, late night shows and cable. Seemingly everywhere, it was designed to solve the problem of medium distance personal transportation. Why use a […]