The Secret to Making Lifelong Friends

It was 6:30 am on Friday in Milan, Italy, and we were headed to Malpensa International Airport. We were flying back to the United States having just completed an eight-day motorcycle ride from Milan to Pisa to Assisi to Bologna and back to Milan. We traveled 908 miles according to my odometer and covered some of the most beautiful […]

How God Transformed Me From a Self-Centered, Overly-Ambitious, Narcissistic, Egomaniac Drunk

And Saved My Marriage

“I am impressed with a lot of men for their accomplishments. I am most impressed and intrigued by men who have accomplished a successful marriage. You’ve been married for forty years. What is the secret?” he asked. It was eleven o’clock at night, and we were standing on the terrace of our hotel. We were […]

I’ve Been Robbed!

“Watch out for the gypsies. They are great pickpockets,” I was warned by my friend Josh. We were walking through Florence, Italy, and Josh and Kerry were about to leave us. They were headed to join a tour, while Kathy and I were going to explore and shop. I immediately thought of the 250 euros […]

3 Characteristics of Servant Leadership

Kathy and I are on an eight-day motorcycle journey through Tuscany, Italy with a group of riders. Here’s how the servant heart of one of our fellow riders convicted and inspired me. A group of us were getting our motorcycles ready for the trip. We had to become acquainted with our rental bikes—figure out the […]

All You Can Do Is All You Can Do

But All You Can Do Is Enough

The other night over dinner, Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, CEO of Compassion International, told me a compelling story of how he was raised in a poor family with a mom and dad who were sold-out for Jesus. Grabbed by a Stranger “I was walking through the plaza in my small town in Mexico on a very […]

The Best Way to Start Every Day

Especially Busy Ones

I am headed to a lunch meeting for the High Tech Prayer Breakfast. I am feeling rushed and stressed. Not because of the people I am about to meet, but because of the calls I was on just before lunch. Three Stressful Calls I had three calls this morning. All entrepreneurs. All stressful. Their worlds […]

The Single Most Important Factor in Choosing Investors

I was talking to Michael (not his real name), an entrepreneur who is interested in raising money. He is likable and capable, and people with money are recognizing him for it. He has recently been letting people know he is interested in expanding his business and will need to raise money. He is surprised by […]

How Wisdom Seekers Bless Their Mentors

A 32-Year-Old’s Sage Advice

“I have some great mentors I meet with on an irregular basis,” he said. I was talking to Noah (not his real name), a very successful entrepreneur who is also a seeker of advice. He has collected an impressive group of experienced businessmen. When he began listing the names of these people, I was jealous. He […]