Know When to Be Impatient

Getting the Most Good (Not Harm) From a Vital Entrepreneurial Gift

Impatiently, I looked down at my watch: 8:42 pm. I was having dinner with my wife and sister, Kathy and Janet. I finished my entree. I looked at Kathy’s plate. She had finished, too. My sister was still eating, ever so slowly. I looked at her plate, and she was only halfway through her entree. […]

How to Become a Legend in Football (or Business)

Monday night I saw one of the most incredible displays of leadership. Plus, it was the best college football game I’ve ever seen. There was tension right from the beginning. In spite of the 13-0 score at the end of the first half, we all knew the second half was going to be amazing. And […]

The Formula for Financial Stability

When You Have to Learn the Hard Way

“One of the big problems in life is spending more than you make,” said Mike, a good friend and one of the wisest people I know. We were talking about how one of his kids continues to struggle with overspending. “He is 30 years old. It seems so easy. I don’t understand why he doesn’t […]

What Are Your Verbs for 2018?

Success Is About Verbs, Not Resolutions

I woke up on January 1st with the first clear thought I’d had in a week. I, like many of my friends, contracted a cold after Christmas, and it settled in my chest. This left me “cotton headed” as my English friend Geoffrey used to say. But for a moment I was clear. This thought […]

What’s Your Reading Plan for 2018?

My Game Plan for Getting Through More Books

I was visiting with an executive who is focused on innovation for an F500 company. In his lobby, I discovered a bookshelf full of books on leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal and corporate execution. Lost in Books I picked up The Circle of Innovation by Tom Peters. I knew the author because he was the consultant […]

A Special Message

Kathy and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! Thanks for your love and support in 2017. The Lord continues to bless our family with beautiful grandchildren. Allen Scott Hamilton V, the newest addition, joins cousins Charles and Henry Prescott. God is good! Merry Christmas! Love, Kathy and Charlie

Joy to the World!

We Are Loved!

I grew up Catholic. We were members of St. Paul’s parish in the Greenville section of Jersey City. The church was magnificent. Lots of spires, stained glass windows, row upon row of rock hard oak pews, the stations of the cross chiseled into the granite walls, the beautiful side altars, the ornate baptistery, and the […]

First Steps to Angel Investing

And the Thrill of Being All In

“I’m thinking this investing in startups is exciting,” said my good friend. Ted is a senior executive for an F100 company. As we were talking at a Christmas party, he told me he’ll be retiring next year at 58 years old. To me he looks 40. Great Leader, Great Angel I consider him a great […]