3 Prerequisites to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

“I have to ask you a serious question,” Bob said. “Go ahead,” I replied, having no idea what he was about to ask. “How do these entrepreneurs pay their living expenses?” Bob is a professional services vendor who is new to the entrepreneur community. He sees a lot of money and attention being focused on […]

12. A funding event is not a success. It simply lights the fuse on your startup.

15 Rules for Success in Business and Life

15. Forecasting a higher sales number causes the sales reps to NOT be objective when talking about their pipeline. 14. You reap what you sow. But never forget: Keep sowing even when you begin reaping or there won’t be a next harvest! 13. Be in the Word of God daily, and God will send an […]

Visualize What You Want From Your Next Decade

And You’re Guaranteed to Make Better Choices Today

“I am not sure this is my purpose. I don’t think how I spend my time is consistent with my values,” Edgar said. (Edgar is not his real name.) “Maybe I should be working in marketplace ministry. Working in a corporation just doesn’t seem right. I’m unsettled, not at peace. And now I’m being offered a […]

“Help! I’m Losing Money!”

How Abandoning My #1 Rule Cost Me

Angel investing at its best is a really risky business. But risky does not lose money. Bad risks do. I’m losing money because I left my number one rule, my key discipline. Be all in. Over the years, whenever I’ve been involved in a business after I’ve invested, I’ve only lost money one time. Give […]

[No. 2] People Need to Know You to Help You

14 Rules for Success in Business and Life

14. Personal growth comes from helping others succeed and grow, not simply working on yourself. Don’t make it about you! 13. Being too busy to listen to God is too busy, no matter the importance of other priorities. 12. Angel investors should only go deep in their areas of proficiency. Otherwise, they are a distraction […]

Are You Discerning Enough to Separate the Truth from the Delivery?

Advisers Have Bad Days, Too

“I met with Tom, and he was so mean. It put me off,” my entrepreneur friend said. I know Tom (not his real name). He meets with entrepreneurs all the time. He is smart and experienced. And he has the patience, empathy, and spirit of a counselor. Tom is the kind of person that really […]

Should You Attend My Upcoming Angel Investor Talk?

5:30 PM on April 16th at the Atlanta Tech Village

I am currently preparing a talk for the Atlanta Technology Angels. I’ll deliver it on April 16th at 5:30 p.m. at the Atlanta Tech Village. The title I’ve been assigned is “Paparelli’s Seven Criteria for an Angel Investment.” My audience will mostly be my fellow Atlanta angel investors. Whenever I give a talk, I like […]

No. 8: Put Everything Into Everything You Do

15 Friday: Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Business, Life, Success

Here are 15 thoughts to inspire and encourage you as you pursue your entrepreneurial vision. 15. Do everything to the best of your ability. Set a personal standard of excellence. You may not always be the best, but you can be your best all the time. 14. Serve others by helping them achieve their dreams. […]

Is 37 Too Old to Start My Own Business?

Never Ignore Your Heart

“It is the perfect age to become an entrepreneur!” I’ve said this so many times over the years to men and women who shared with me their secret desire to start their own business. I struggled with this the entire time I was working for someone else, whether it was a corporation or another entrepreneur. […]