Phase 3: Romancing The Good Old Days (But Were They?!)

Understanding Regression

This is a series about getting your life back on track and achieving your goals. I was certain I needed to get back to my roots. I wanted to recreate what was the most fulfilling experience in my life. I wanted to return to entrepreneurs and startups. That’s where it was all happening. That’s where […]

What a Restaurant Yelling Match Taught Me About Friendship

And Wise Advice From Kathy

“You don’t have to fix me,” Edmund blurted out. Kathy and I were having a pleasant dinner with Edmund, an out-of-town friend (not his real name). He is about my age and was talking about the transition in life which is staring him in the face. He attended seminars to pursue his new interest of […]

Hard Lessons Learned from a Gifted Entrepreneur

Karim Abouelnaga is one of the brightest and most inspiring entrepreneurs I have ever known. We met at the Atlanta-based Points of Light Civic Accelerator, CivicX, which is in the shadow of the Georgia Tech campus. After my presentation on angel investing, I talked with several of the accelerator’s participating entrepreneurs, including Karim. Karim’s company […]

No. 10: People don’t fund ideas. They fund businesses.

14. A great entrepreneur is relatively disciplined but not patient. Drive outweighs discipline. 13. Before investing, angels want the big return. After investing, angels want risk mitigation. It’s human nature. 12. Sustainability is always a nonprofit’s number one challenge. 11. Most of the leads we get come from something we did proactively to generate the […]

3 Prerequisites to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

“I have to ask you a serious question,” Bob said. “Go ahead,” I replied, having no idea what he was about to ask. “How do these entrepreneurs pay their living expenses?” Bob is a professional services vendor who is new to the entrepreneur community. He sees a lot of money and attention being focused on […]

12. A funding event is not a success. It simply lights the fuse on your startup.

15 Rules for Success in Business and Life

15. Forecasting a higher sales number causes the sales reps to NOT be objective when talking about their pipeline. 14. You reap what you sow. But never forget: Keep sowing even when you begin reaping or there won’t be a next harvest! 13. Be in the Word of God daily, and God will send an […]

Visualize What You Want From Your Next Decade

And You’re Guaranteed to Make Better Choices Today

“I am not sure this is my purpose. I don’t think how I spend my time is consistent with my values,” Edgar said. (Edgar is not his real name.) “Maybe I should be working in marketplace ministry. Working in a corporation just doesn’t seem right. I’m unsettled, not at peace. And now I’m being offered a […]