From Moose Head to Ministers

Finding a Church Is Not Easy

Finding a church. Sounds simple, right? Not simple. I had not regularly attended church in 20 years. Kathy and I took the family to Episcopal Easter and Christmas services. That’s because Kathy grew up Episcopal, and we were married in an Episcopal church in Denver. But I grew up attending St. Paul’s Catholic Church in […]

Sometimes You Must Simply Trust

An Unusual Request Starts a New Adventure

“I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior,” I said to Bob. Bob Weber of Weber & Associates is a sales and leadership trainer. I hired him to lead a seminar for my sales team in the early 1990s. I met Bob at a marriage seminar I attended as part of a couple’s management retreat […]

Don’t Be Confused

You Are Made in God’s Image

I was about to facilitate a leadership workshop in Uganda but wasn’t feeling right about it. I told Pastor Elijah, “I think I know what you want me to do, but I’m confused.” He said, “No. Do not say such things. You are not confused. We do not serve a God of confusion. We serve […]

My 5 Lessons from a Failed Angel Investment

John Richie was referred to me. My friend said, “John just became available. He was working for a fast-growth tech company, and now he is looking for his next big opportunity. He’s smart, hard-working, and of high integrity.” This would be the first time I laid eyes on John Richie. Little did I know we […]

The Power of the Second Question

An Insight Into What You Truly Value

I read a book review in the WSJ which caught my attention. The book is called Our Towns by Jay and Deborah Fallows. The Fallows wanted to find out the character which makes up the backbone of America. They flew a small plane to 50 cities over five years and interviewed hundreds of people in […]

Charlie’s Notebook

12 Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Business, Life, and Success

12. God does not give a vision to be rich. He gives a vision to serve others. 11. Write your goals on paper. Do it for you. Your inner voice wants to speak to you. Ask and listen. 10. Listen. It is the essence of learning. It is the heart of understanding. It is the […]

Then God Sends Another Bill

From AA to the High Tech Prayer Breakfast, God Works

This is a series about getting your life back on track and achieving your goals. I couldn’t stop thinking about Bill Leonard. I kept replaying his talk about Jesus. Standing at a podium on a slightly raised platform, he was the final speaker at my first High Tech Prayer Breakfast. Bill spoke with a voice […]