Founding Entrepreneur’s Key to Priority Setting

“There is just too much to do,” said Mike, Jim, Tyce, Greg, Robert, Kristin, and all the other entrepreneurs I am involved with. I hear this all the time. They will come to me with a problem. It all starts with fundraising. After fundraising, it is all about growth. This quickly gets to strategy and […]

Defining Corporate Culture Matters

Maybe Even More Than You Realize

“I want to write a book on corporate culture,” said my friend Wells Burke, founder of Rocket Partners. Wells and I first met in 2007 at an early morning ATDC Bible study. We spent a year getting together every week to read through the Bible and discuss how it applied to our lives. That’s how […]

How Missing Our Numbers Transformed My Business

Corporate culture was something I never thought about when I was running my first startup. In fact, I don’t think anybody did back then. I was reading all the popular business books published in the late 70’s and early 80’s and don’t remember this subject coming up one time. Our company was growing at 30% […]

Why I Love My Pixelbook

I love consumer electronics. I am a devoted YouTube fan with subscriptions to CNET, The Verge, and Justin Tse. Justin is one of my favorites. He is likable, articulate with just the right amount of transparency. I have been working pretty hard to break free of Apple products. They are a great hardware company, but […]

How to Know Your Startup Idea Is Lousy

Sometimes Your Experience Does Not Matter

“We quit our jobs and started this company, and we would like your help,” said the entrepreneur and his partner. They are not recent college graduates. They are both smart, well educated, and about 40 years of age. They are married with kids, which includes houses, cars, and future education expenses. They left high paying […]

How the “Right Age” to Start a Company Has Changed

“There are no entrepreneurs over 40,” I stated. I said this over 20 years ago. The people I observed starting companies were in their late 20s to late 30s. This made sense to me. The people in this age group have a dream for greatness and the experience and drive to achieve it. Their families […]

What’s in It for Me?

I’ll never forget Joe Shy. He was a former Proctor & Gamble executive turned marketing consultant. I was 24 and a partner in an Atlanta software company. Joe was flipping through our sales collateral, and he looked me right in the eye and said, “What’s in it for me?” “What are you talking about?” I […]

What 40 Years of Goal Setting Has Taught Me

How to Stay Motivated Day After Day, Quarter After Quarter

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” I proclaimed to the whole company at a January kick-off meeting. In fact, I remember screwing this up and first saying, “Life is a destination, not a journey.” I quickly corrected what I said. I was 31 years old and didn’t even know what this meant. Masters of […]

5 Essentials I’ve Discovered for Blogging Success

These Are Critical for Creating Great Content

“Do you think I should write a blog?” asked my friend Brian. His grandfather was a huge influence in his life and still comes to mind as Brian lives out his faith, family, and business. Brian decided to record all the stories he could remember his grandfather telling him. Over time there were enough stories to […]

Shutting Down Inappropriate Behavior

3 Steps I’m Taking Now

“Did he just say that?” I asked myself. There were 32 angel investors in the room. We were in the midst of a lively Q&A having just been given an investor pitch from a female CEO. I was facilitating the session. The CEO adroitly fielded questions on market size, valuation, funding to-date, team, and more. […]