10 Friday Thoughts on Life, Success, and Being an Entrepreneur

From My Notebook

Several thoughts have impressed themselves on me. Some I’ve jotted down and others not. Thoughts not written are soon lost. Thoughts lost are lessons lost. Lessons lost must be learned again. And so I write. Here are a few thoughts not lost. 10. The wise entrepreneur says, “I don’t have a lot of time for […]

“Who me? Of course not! Never!”

5 Truths About Pornography

It is available everywhere. It is legal. It takes seconds to become addicted. There are no outward symptoms after someone uses. It destroys relationships between men and women. It kills your relationship with God. “Turn that off. It’s pornography,” Kathy says as I am watching a TV show. “No it’s not,” I say to her. […]

3 Ingredients for Getting Time on Your Side

Entrepreneur vs. Sales Cycle

Years ago I was the president of a company which held the patent for storing and forwarding faxes. Our salesmen would start a conversation with a prospect by saying, “I’m here to talk to you about your fax problems.” The prospect would respond, “I don’t have any problems with fax. I dial a number, wait […]

Deciphering the True Art of Selling

Entrepreneur vs. Sales Cycle

“You’ve been selling all your life. I need your help. Do salesmen sell or do customers buy?” I asked. I had just finished a meeting with one of the most experienced entrepreneurs I have had the honor to know. He started with my first startup in the early 1980’s as a salesman. Back then, he […]

Master’s Love of His Craft

This Is the Definition of Magnificent Art

“Why are you laughing at me?” William asked with seriousness in his voice. “I’m not laughing at you. I am grinning in appreciation of how much you love what you do,” I said. Kathy and I love to shop at this jeweler who is located in another city. I make it sound further away than […]

Small Actions Can Yield Big Rewards

Friendly Persistence Changes a Destiny

Would you like to hear me speak on “Bringing Jesus to Work?” I’ve been invited to address the men’s group of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church on September 25th at 7 AM. If you would like to join me, please click for more details. Registration closes Sunday morning. This is the story of how I […]

What Would Steve-o Do?

5 Lessons on How to Really Live Life

I was approaching my first tunnel just outside Milan, Italy. I was riding a rented BMW F800GS motorcycle with Kathy on the back. Loaded down with all our luggage, we were heavy and traveling at 68 mph. Of the eight bikes, one rider was consistently lagging behind. That was Steve-o. The tunnels in Italy cut […]

Why Is It So Hard To Apologize?

9 Steps to Healing Hurt

I was talking to my friend Mike, and he said, “As soon as I say something hurtful to someone I love, I know it. I know it the moment the words leave my mouth.” Mike is a Christian so he followed this with, “It is the Holy Spirit convicting me.” Then he asked, “This happens […]

This Year’s Conference Is Bigger Than Ever

20,000 Attend While Millions Listen

As I write this, I am four speeches in on “The Seven Super Powers of the Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur.” Kathy has given one of her two talks to the women at the conference. Yesterday I finally met the Ugandan team which named their business Paparelli. They are amazing and have created six new businesses in […]