Welcome to the Family!

Allen Scott Hamilton V

I had no idea what you would put your mom through the day you were born. Her water broke at 4 am. She called and woke me up right after to say she and your dad were headed to the hospital. I hung up the phone and prayed. I had tears in my eyes. The […]

Are You Making Progress in Life?

How I Measure Myself

Twenty-five years ago I was in the midst of a complex and critical software development project. If it didn’t get completed on time, the business was screwed. Never Ending Parade I was talking to Doug, the lead developer. It was three in the morning, and we were at the office. I said, “All we do […]

My New Motto: Work hard. Play hard. Rest Hard.

Recently on a trip to Denver, I had a conversation with an entrepreneur, Mike (not his real name). Our chat that day stuck with me. “I deal with a lot of stress in building this business. It’s lonely and doesn’t go my way most of the time,” said Mike. “Sometimes I find myself looking for […]

What’s Your Company Culture?

It is crazy to me how outraged people are about the whole Uber scandal. Everyone who invested in Travis Kalanick, its founder and now former CEO, knew who he was. He hasn’t changed. Man of Vision They saw this incredibly talented young man with a vision to change the world in the developing share economy. […]

10 Critical Lessons Before Writing the Check

Blake Patton’s Insights for Early Stage Investors

I am a fan of Blake Patton. I respect him as a husband, father, community leader and friend. He is also this year’s local keynote speaker for the October 6th Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast. Blake started Tech Square Ventures three years ago. In this short time he has: Raised Tech Square’s initial fund Tapped […]

It’s All About Family

And Family Is About Faith

“You’re getting married in the midst of this job search?” I was talking to a recent Georgia Tech MBA graduate. He had offers to become a consultant but came to me for advice on startup opportunities. After getting into his background a bit, I understood why. He’s smart and ambitious and has always been drawn […]