One Thing That Could Radically Impact Your Business Success

“Whose office is that?” I asked the secretary. “That is Don Thompson’s office,” she answered. “Who is Don Thompson?” I asked. Sterling Software, led by Sterling Williams, had just completed the unfriendly takeover of Informatics General Corporation. Sterling was a $20mm public company, and they completed a leveraged buy-out of a $140mm public software company. […]

How to Make Time Stand Still

When Passion Is Magnetic

“Come into my store. I have a free gift for you,” said 85-year-old Jerry Glenn of Reminisce at the Promenade in Hilton Head, GA. He was shorter than I was, broadly built and slightly bent over. He had a kind face and a friendliness in his voice impossible to resist. “A free gift? There is no such thing as […]

How an Article in Fortune Changed My Life

On a business trip in 1986, I was flipping through Fortune magazine, and I came across an article about Ronald Perelman. Here’s how the article began. REVLON CHAIRMAN Ronald Owen Perelman has a penchant for contrasts: a tangy personal life and the practice of Judaism, fancy restaurants and junk food, earsplitting rock music aboard his […]

If You Ain’t Growing, You’re Dying

I was recently attending a Grace@Work Bible study in a conference room at the ATDC. Cortney, my friend and facilitator, asked this simple question, “What do you practice?” We had just read the third chapter of 1 John where John writes, “Do not make a practice of sinning.” Cortney asked this question to get us […]

Using Your Story to Make a Difference

“I’ve got the biggest presentation of my life coming up,” said my friend Regi to our monthly dinner group. He will be the keynote speaker this Thursday at the Real Estate Prayer Breakfast. At least fifteen hundred people will probably attend. Sharing What and How Regi is no stranger to being on stage. He is a […]

5 Critical Steps to Securing Angel Investment

“If we land this one customer, we will be cash flow positive this year,” Robert told me. Robert is a smart, experienced executive who started a business which solves a costly customer service problem. He is selling to the industry he worked in for the last twenty years. He has a great idea and knows his market. The […]

5 Essential Elements for a Winning Investor Presentation

“The idea is the most important element of a startup.” “Your product is the 3D representation of your idea.” “You should work day and night building your product.” These are a few of the statements by Sam Altman of Y Combinator. He was the first speaker in last year’s Startup School. (They are about to […]

Why Market Traction Takes Longer Than You Think

“Did you know that Sue ordered JuicePlus from Julia? Out of nowhere, she called and ordered it,” said my wife Kathy about our oldest daughter’s JuicePlus business. “Really?” I said with surprise. “How long has Julia been selling JuicePlus?” The Three Year Rule “Well, Charles (our grandson) just turned three. So I guess it has been […]