Know When to Be Impatient

Getting the Most Good (Not Harm) From a Vital Entrepreneurial Gift

Impatiently, I looked down at my watch: 8:42 pm. I was having dinner with my wife and sister, Kathy and Janet. I finished my entree. I looked at Kathy’s plate. She had finished, too. My sister was still eating, ever so slowly. I looked at her plate, and she was only halfway through her entree. […]

How to Become a Legend in Football (or Business)

Monday night I saw one of the most incredible displays of leadership. Plus, it was the best college football game I’ve ever seen. There was tension right from the beginning. In spite of the 13-0 score at the end of the first half, we all knew the second half was going to be amazing. And […]

What Are Your Verbs for 2018?

Success Is About Verbs, Not Resolutions

I woke up on January 1st with the first clear thought I’d had in a week. I, like many of my friends, contracted a cold after Christmas, and it settled in my chest. This left me “cotton headed” as my English friend Geoffrey used to say. But for a moment I was clear. This thought […]

First Steps to Angel Investing

And the Thrill of Being All In

“I’m thinking this investing in startups is exciting,” said my good friend. Ted is a senior executive for an F100 company. As we were talking at a Christmas party, he told me he’ll be retiring next year at 58 years old. To me he looks 40. Great Leader, Great Angel I consider him a great […]

How the Perfect Income Statement Aligns Your Vision, Strategy, and Execution

“You look puzzled,” he said as he finished his presentation and was walking toward me. Ben is the founder of a startup which is addressing a red-hot market. My friend, Dr. Merrick Furst of Flashpoint, describes these markets by saying, “The market cannot not say no.” Ben designed a great product, and the market is […]

Founding Entrepreneur’s Key to Priority Setting

“There is just too much to do,” said Mike, Jim, Tyce, Greg, Robert, Kristin, and all the other entrepreneurs I am involved with. I hear this all the time. They will come to me with a problem. It all starts with fundraising. After fundraising, it is all about growth. This quickly gets to strategy and […]

Defining Corporate Culture Matters

Maybe Even More Than You Realize

“I want to write a book on corporate culture,” said my friend Wells Burke, founder of Rocket Partners. Wells and I first met in 2007 at an early morning ATDC Bible study. We spent a year getting together every week to read through the Bible and discuss how it applied to our lives. That’s how […]

How Missing Our Numbers Transformed My Business

Corporate culture was something I never thought about when I was running my first startup. In fact, I don’t think anybody did back then. I was reading all the popular business books published in the late 70’s and early 80’s and don’t remember this subject coming up one time. Our company was growing at 30% […]