Three Ways To Conserve Cash With Smarter Employee Decisions

Late in my corporate career I was president of Sterling’s world-wide professional services company and needed advice on growth strategies. I was seeking business advice from one of the key management staff at Sterling Software, Don Thompson. He was one of the most brilliant business advisors I ever met. One day Thompson said to me, […]

The Loyalty Effect

I almost quit my first startup. I was in a 60-40 partnership, I was the 40. We were working ridiculous hours and we were well into our third year as a startup and it felt, at least that night, like we were making no progress and no money. Just before I was about to leave the office, I told my partner “I […]

You Can’t Stand Alone

I met an entrepreneur whose story reminded me right relationships are the foundation of success. The guy is brilliant, he’s overcome many obstacles and he continues to make great personal sacrifices in his quest for funding. In his early 50’s, he has a Phd in mathematics. He’s a naturalized U.S. citizen from an eastern block country, and […]

The Case For A Cofounder

I am working with an accomplished sales executive who has a vision for starting a professional services business. He has industry knowledge, selling skills and solid relationships to sell the services. But he does not have the skills to deliver and run the day-to-day business. This entrepreneur has missing ingredients. That said, he could choose to be a solo […]