How I Stole My Client’s Girlfriend and Learned Selling…All in 48 Hours

“I would love to go on a blind date,” I said to my client in November of 1976. I was partners in a software company, Management Control Systems (MCS). We wrote and sold software to CPAs. I was in Denver installing at our client, Leslie Whitemore & Co., working with Jared Whitemore, a partner’s son. These were the days of first generation computing, and CPAs wanted their children to learn about this new wave of economic opportunity.


What they didn’t know: I was learning, too. After installing the software, I was working frantically to get the software to operate properly. It was a little buggy. It worked, just not all the time. This time it wasn’t working.

The client had no idea. I just put on my best expert computer guy look and hid my panic as I tried to get the computer to do something. Around 5:30 p.m. Jared invited me on a blind date with him and his girlfriend.

Jared said, “My girlfriend has her friend coming to town from Crested Butte. Her name is Connie. Why don’t we all go out for drinks, dinner and dancing. I know some great places in Cherry Creek.”

I quickly said, “Sounds great. Let’s go now. I can finish this up tomorrow and then begin training you on the software.”

Buggy Software and True Love

We left the office and piled into his Ford Bronco. He took me to his girlfriend’s house. She opened the door to welcome us, Kathy’s eyes met mine, and it was literally love at first sight. It turned out my blind date, Connie, never showed, so the three of us went out to paint the town red.

Kathy and I spent the evening trying to lose Jared. I wasn’t thinking about anything except how I could be with Kathy and learn more about her. We danced and talked, and he sat alone and drank. Seven months later Kathy and I were married, and Jared was one of my groomsmen.

The other good news is, he stayed as our client. This took a little bit of work because of the software, not the theft of his girlfriend. In the early days of small business computing, everybody was patient. All our clients expected the software and hardware to sort of work. When it did what it was supposed to do, we celebrated together.

You never know where your work will take you or the destiny it will fulfill. God has a plan for your life.

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