You Are Your Biggest Obstacle to Business Growth

“I always see a large growth in my paycheck after a burst of personal growth,” Julia told me. Julia Does MLM A little over two years ago, Julia Prescott, my daughter, became a representative for JuicePlus, a health product sold using multi-level marketing. Julia is a lawyer and MBA who before giving birth to our […]

My Surprising Discovery of What Resonates with Readers

How God Helps Me Know What to Write

“You seem to hit a nerve with the blog about your mom,” said David, my son. “Very true. I get the most personal and meaningful comments when I share like this. It brings my readers and me closer together,” I said. “How so?” he asked. “We all connect with other people’s stories. We find truth […]

4 Critical Steps for First-Time Entrepreneurs

“When I was at my lowest point, that’s when the worst people came into my life,” Aiden said. I was talking to Aiden (not his real name), an entrepreneur who started his company six years ago. He was 32 years old at the time and had market experience and vision. Aiden started by building a […]

What Type of Leader Are You?

“I’m not like Gary,” said my good friend Regi Campbell. “Gary thinks big. I remember he called me when he discovered satellite bandwidth was available. He called to brainstorm on the question, ‘What kind of business could I create with this bandwidth?’” Regi and Gary became friends while working on two different Cam Lanier companies. […]

My Mother’s Final Goodbye

I went to visit my mom at the hospital. She had stubbed her toe at our house during Christmas. Because of her advanced diabetes, the toe became infected and wouldn’t heal. She returned home to Florida, visited a doctor, and was immediately admitted to Parkway Hospital in Miami. Within a week, they amputated. They were […]

10 Leadership Best Practices

Profound Lessons from Jesus

I was asked to lead a leadership workshop. I wasn’t sure what to cover. The subject is so broad, and I was having difficulty knowing even where to start. My first step was to go to the internet and start researching leadership. I read all kinds of articles. I ended up watching videos from my […]

How God Helped Me to Shut Up, Listen, and Learn

I was escorted into Pastor Elijah’s office. There he stood on the other side of the door. He threw his hands out with the wingspan of an NBA player. As his arms spread, his jacket opened wide and revealed a red t-shirt imprinted with the words “Budapest Hungary.” His big smile just sucked me in. […]