Uganda Update

Charlie and Kathy are speaking to over 9,000 men and women ages 15 to 35 at the 2017 Youth Ablaze Conference in Uganda. The theme of the conference is “Igniting Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs.” Here is Charlie’s update. I just finished two talks. The first day of the Youth Ablaze Conference is in the books. The talks went […]

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Building a Winning Team

4 Critical Employee Traits Necessary for Success

“I want to keep people out, not let people in. I only want people who will be highly productive. The last thing I need is to pay someone $10,000 per month and get nothing for it,” said my brilliant entrepreneur friend Jim Grady. Jim Just Got Funding Jim closed his seed round at $1.4mm, which […]

3 Essential Skills to Being a Successful Executive

I remember sitting in a president’s meeting at Sterling Software. It was 1986 in Dallas, Texas. I was 33 years old and president of the vertical market software divisions. All twelve of us were in a glass conference room. We sat in our high back leather chairs edged up to a beautiful 30-foot oval mahogany […]

Expecting God to Do Great Things!

On Thursday at 5:50 am, we head to Amsterdam and then travel on to Rwanda before reaching Kampala, Uganda. Each leg of the flight is about eight hours with a two-hour layover. Door-to-door it is about twenty-four hours. Pastor Elijah will meet us at the airport in Kampala for our 11 pm arrival. He’ll bring […]

Welcome to Selfie Nation

Donald Trump Leads the Way

Donald Trump is who we are as a nation. We are self-promoting. We are confused. We don’t lead. We demand our way or drop people from our lives. We fill our homes with friends who think the way we think because it reinforces our beliefs and makes us look right. It makes us feel good […]

Why 35 Is the Golden Age for Blossoming into an Entrepreneur

5 Advantages You Have Over Twenty-Somethings

Something happens to a man at 35. I know because it happened to me, and it is still happening to men at that age. As an angel investor for almost 25 years, I continue to observe it. (I’m not sure about women. I can only speak as a man. If you’re a woman, I’d especially […]

Why the Impossible Connects the Most

A Tribute to David Cummings

I was lying in bed last night and checked my email one last time. I saw the daily email from my friend David Cummings and was shocked when I opened it. “Today marks blog post number 3,000! I’ve been blogging daily for over eight years, and it’s time to mark the end,” wrote David. David Cummings […]