Reflections on Love and Family

“I am so excited for the both of you. You have your whole lives ahead of you,” I said to my daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Allen.

They were married on July 19, 2015. It was an amazing wedding at the Georgian Terraces filled with the love of family and friends. Every time I saw Lisa, she was smiling. Even toward the end of the day when she was clearly exhausted. What a day; what a memory.

Allen’s Perfectly Grilled Filet

Last night they invited me to dinner. I discovered they put in an offer for their first house. Allen said he stayed up all night wondering if he did the right thing. Lisa slept like a baby dreaming of what it will be like to live there. Every marriage has it. The worrier and the dreamer. What a wonderful combination.

We had a great conversation over a dinner of filet mignon (perfectly grilled by Allen) with Lisa’s special orzo, spinach and cheese concoction. We talked about marriage, kids, friends, faith, houses, advisors and work.

Just before I left for the trip home, Lisa and Allen left me alone as they were preparing to take their dogs for a walk. That’s when it hit me. It was a joy I can’t describe. These next thirty-five years are going to be filled with such wonderful experiences. They are in love and just beginning to build their life together.

Beginning a Life Long Journey

They are newlyweds about to make their first big purchase together. Their first home. The home where they are planning to really start their lives together. The home where Lisa and Allen will experience so many of their memories.

This is the home where they will start their family. With God’s blessing, they will have children. In this home, they will raise them from infants to adults just like Kathy and I did. Just like our parents did.

While living in this home, they will welcome family, friends and complete strangers. People who love them and will get to know them and love them. They will experience joy, sorrow, health, sickness, success, failure, abundance and scarcity. This is the home where their life will happen. How exciting.

Newlyweds Today, Grandparents Tomorrow

Through it all, I pray they will love the Lord and love each other. The rest will happen around them as it did for Kathy and me. But if, at the center of it all, the foundation is their love for each other, then it will be a great life resulting in a powerful legacy.

They are newlyweds today. Tomorrow they will be grandparents. They are about to embark on the in between. How exciting! This is why I am full of joy. I see how wonderful life can be. How wonderful their life will be if they just love each other. I lived it. I know.

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