Revenue: The Startup Entrepreneur’s First Priority

As an entrepreneur time is your most important asset. There are so many good ideas to move the business forward. Your list is overwhelming. How do you choose what to work on? Revenue first. Your goal as the startup entrepreneur is to build a business. Fundamentally, a business addresses customers’ needs. You do this, they pay, you make money and survive. It is that simple.

The priorities of your activities should  be:

  1. Sales Pipeline
  2. Product
  3. Administration and Organization

The sales pipeline is the backbone of a healthy business. If you spend your day in contact with prospects and customers, you will have a thriving business. You will know your prospects and where they are spending money. If you aren’t in contact with them, you can bet someone else selling the same product is in contact with them.

Sales pipeline nurturing is focused on two areas. Adding new prospects into the front-end of the pipeline and moving them through the pipeline. You add prospects to the front-end of the pipeline on a consistent basis, you can expect they will come out the other end on a consistent basis.

Continually building the sales pipeline  includes a lead generation strategy practiced with a well defined and disciplined sales process. The picture of the process above may seem simplistic. Don’t be fooled. Believing it and practicing it each and every day will yield great results.

You can either do business or play business. To do business you must always be selling, always generating revenue. A great product and a well organized business as your priority is not a business. Paying customers define a business. This is your priority as a founder of a startup. The rest is night and weekend work.

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