Slice of Life From the Smartphone Revolution

“Hope you are as excited as I am for this glorious day that we call opening day! Baseball is back!!!!” texted my son Nick.

Nick is a rabid Braves fan. He knows everything about the Braves, from their management to their arch rivals. He loved baseball from the first time he stepped on the diamond in little league.

“We are all so excited. We love you, Nick!” I texted back.

Kathy jumped in and texted, “Why not ask your dad to take you to opening day?”

Opening Day Regret

Nick wrote, “I might go by myself. I will be on GSU campus until 1, so it can be a game time decision. I thought my daddy would be too busy on a Monday afternoon. I am going to the series this weekend, so I will get my Braves fix a little later.”

I was reading this and thinking through the day I had planned. Writing, meetings, calls, preparing for a speech coming up this weekend. Lots to do.

Then I received an email from the Atlanta Braves announcing ticket availability for opening day. Was this coincidence?

The internal dialogue started. It came down to one question, “If I don’t go, will I regret not going to opening day 2016 with my son?”

I was on my iPhone and clicked on the link in the email. I bought two tickets in section 101R at Turner Field, downloaded the digital images to Apple Pay, and was ready to roll.

I texted Nick, “I have two tickets for the Braves game today. Want to go with me?”

“Well if that’s the case I will pick you up at 3. Just let me know where you are!” he texted.

An Uber Experience

I took Uber to my appointment at the Atlanta Tech Village. From there I used Uber to get to Georgia State to meet up with Nick. He drove us to the ballgame and then brought me home.

Right after I bought the tickets and put this plan in place, I realized how life has changed. Look at the speed and ease of these transactions the moment a decision was made.

Just ten years ago I bought my first iPhone. Now this smartphone is the center of my life: sending texts, receiving emails, buying tickets, calling transportation, and even making the increasingly occasional phone call. Amazing.

I guess the next step is to try UberEats. In the meantime, go Braves!

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