What Is Your Reflex?

“His brain always goes to the right place. It never goes to the bad place,” said Rob, a friend and angel investor with particularly keen insights.

I had made an observation about an investor I am particularly impressed with in our community. I knew Rob was in a deal with him, and I was wondering what he thought of the guy.

“What do you mean by a good place?”

He said, “These early stage deals are fraught with risk. Problems and surprises come up all the time. In board meetings, I have observed the best and worst in people.”

“So people have a reflex when it comes to addressing a problem?” I asked.

“Yes. That’s a good way to put it. Their first reaction in addressing a serious issue which will cost them money tells me who they are. That’s how I know their character,” he said.

“What does it tell you about them?”

“The bad place is motivated by the investor or entrepreneur thinking of themselves first. The good place is thinking about others first,” he explained.

“I never thought about character like that,” I said.

Character is a reflex that begins with being self-centered or others-centered.

Which are you?

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