How Long Should a Podcast Last?

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“I am thinking about starting a podcast for my readers,” I said.

“Tell me about it,” said Jacqui Chew.

Jacqui Chew is an accomplished marketer who currently leads TedxPeachtree here in Atlanta. She is smart, insightful and always tells it like it is. She is a truth seeker, which is why I like brainstorming with her. Good stuff happens.

Talking With Entrepreneurs

“I spend about two hours talking to every entrepreneur I meet with. My goal is to understand the new business and the entrepreneur pitching it. The conversation covers startups, life, funding and gaining initial market traction. I think many of my readers could benefit from hearing the conversation,” I said.

“Do you think the entrepreneurs would be as transparent with you if they knew they were being recorded?” she asked.

“I am concerned about that. But even if they aren’t as transparent, there would still be a lot of benefit for the listener,” I said.

10, 30, or 60 Minutes?

She said, “There are a lot of podcasts with angel investors talking to entrepreneurs. Do we need another one? Granted, the other angels aren’t Charlie Paparelli, which would put your spin on the interview. But the podcast is being done,” she said.

“And an hour or two is just too long. People listen to podcasts when they are working out or riding to work. I think you should do ten minutes and keep it tight,” she continued.

“Ten minutes. What kind of conversation takes place in ten minutes? My gut tells me the best timing is thirty minutes. Ten minutes is a radio interview. I listen to a lot of 30-minute podcasts,” I said.

“Thirty minutes can work,” she said.

We kicked around a few different ideas as we searched for a unique podcast. Our constraints included my skills, interests, my readers’ interests and topics.

Market, Mission, Product, Me

“I think you should do a podcast on people who have been through an inflection point in their lives. Their business failed. They sold a business and don’t know what to do next. They took on a co-founder, not sure if the relationship was right. They are working ridiculous hours and ignoring the family. What do you think?” she said.

“I would enjoy that.”

She smiled and said, “It is not for you to enjoy. It is for your audience to enjoy.”

She nailed me. I found myself spun to the floor, and all she did was grab my pinky finger. Classic Jacqui Chew. She is a master black belt in our conversations.

I need to be thinking about my audience for these podcasts and not myself. My mission is to help entrepreneurs take their next steps in business and life.

If I keep my focus on the entrepreneur, I will always deliver value and enjoy doing it.

Market, mission, product, me. That’s the formula that always works. Thanks, Jacqui.

If you already listen to podcasts, what is the best length? Answer here

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One thought on “How Long Should a Podcast Last?

  1. Awesome use of a Google Form Charlie.

    I love Podcasts that are 20-30 minutes. Too short and they aren’t worth the trouble to download and play.

    TWiG (This week in Google) is a weekly video chat among friends that is recorded for a podcast and it is really popular. Some of those can be almost three hours.

    If you have compelling content (knowledge, humor, etc.) people will listen regardless of the duration.