To Love Is to Disagree

“You know we can disagree,” he told me. I was at a Christian retreat called Souly Business. I asked one of my table participants a question about the talk we’d just heard. When he answered me, I said, “I don’t believe you are telling us the whole story here.” Then I gave my opinion on […]

10 Thoughts for 2020 Vision

10. If you build your social life around scheduled events, it can be entertaining, but it’s a poor substitute for real connection. Quickly life becomes too scheduled and preoccupied to just hang out. I know I’ve done this. 9. You are your last gig. In other words, whatever job you held last, that is where […]

The Entrepreneur’s Hidden Value (That’s Often Overlooked)

I was in church listening to a sermon when I realized why entrepreneurs are so important to our society. They see the same problems we see, but they do something about it. They start. Others don’t. The pastor was delivering his 2020 vision on the last Sunday of 2019. He used as his illustration a children’s […]

How to Have a Real New Beginning

Let’s start this new decade forgiven. No guilt. No shame. Clean slate. Good idea? I was talking to a friend who is a devoted follower of Jesus. I heard him tell his story a while back and was surprised by his transparency. He described an event in his life that caused him years of guilt […]

Thoughts on Work, Life, and Meaning

10. Negative self-talk eliminates idealism. If you continue this self-talk, you may find you are no longer willing to succeed. Worse yet, you may find yourself willing to fail. 9. When you lose sight of your vision, it is time to step back and think, pray, and ask God for a new vision. 8. Be […]