10 Challenges of Being a Successful Entrepreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. The more people you put between the entrepreneur, the decision maker, and the market, the longer it takes and the more money required for success.

9. The wise entrepreneur seeks out the angel with a community development mindset knowing they will stay involved for the long haul.

8. For the true entrepreneur it’s not about the money, it’s about a big idea that takes possession of the head, even the soul.

7. Before hiring others to sell, the entrepreneur must do it.

6. A startup which requires outside funding to launch is the definition of high risk.

5. Focus on the next step and boost the momentum which attracts employees, customers, and money.

4. Defining your problem is the beginning of brand development.

3. Startups need angels who know their role is an occupation, not a hobby.

2. The bootstrap entrepreneur lacks real accountability, but she often trades independence for success.

1. Today’s Question: Where did the desire to become an entrepreneur originate? If it is from God, you must be true to the calling. This path is your destiny.