10 Friday Thoughts on Life, Success, and Being an Entrepreneur

From My Notebook

Several thoughts have impressed themselves on me. Some I’ve jotted down and others not. Thoughts not written are soon lost. Thoughts lost are lessons lost. Lessons lost must be learned again. And so I write. Here are a few thoughts not lost.

10. The wise entrepreneur says, “I don’t have a lot of time for ego. Just get it done. The humble get it done right.”

9. Your start idea is rarely your startup.

8. The entrepreneur’s cash forecast must include personal income and expenses. When starting a business, all of your life is included.

7. Partnering with a company where you used to be a superstar is a difficult and grinding process. The love is gone!

6. Want to get more smart money in your deal? Talk to more smart investors.

5. Recently heard, “A successful angel investor sets aside 8% of his net worth for angel investing activities.”

4. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Everyone.

3. Regarding crowdfunding: Relationships are still important. People invest in people.

2. Domain expertise is the entrepreneur’s currency when raising money. Investors are immediately attracted to industry experience.

1. Your personal standards reflect your leadership quality.