10 Reflections for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. There is no shortcut to discovering how to sell and deliver your product. You need to do it yourself.

9. Building a business is both a natural and a supernatural endeavor.

8. The successful entrepreneur resiliently believes she is on the two-yard line and only a Hail Mary pass away from the big win.

7. The longer you are in business, the better your chances of seeing the right opportunity. So get started today, and keep at it.

6. Commitment to your business over a long period of time proves to the market and to investors you are trustworthy and committed.

5. Fear can be a positive motivator, but it can also crush your spirit if you succumb to it. Use fear to motivate, not to cripple.

4. Seek mentors whom you admire and who admire you. Mentoring relationships are very personal and not just informational.

3. Take the time to pray and meditate on the coming year. Then ask God for wisdom for right choices and right action.

2. Test your idea in the marketplace first. Then test it with investors.

1. Today’s Question: Stay excited by remembering your vision and sticking to the things you do well as you chase that vision. What was your original vision?