10 Thoughts for a More Successful & Meaningful Life

10. What you know from your experiences is unique. Value it. If you do this, you will not be afraid to share it. If you don’t value it, then you won’t share it, and the world will miss out.

9. I am impressed with credentials, but academic accomplishments don’t hold a candle to on the ground market and business experience.

8. Be confident. People will listen. You will help them with what you know. Speak, share, and continue to learn.

7. The difficulty of the dream defines our life’s trajectory.

6. You never know where your work will take you or the destiny it will fulfill. God has a plan for your life.

5. There are two brands in your life. There is your personal brand, and there is your company’s brand. When you go to work for someone, your brand must reinforce their brand.

4. If your brand supersedes your employer’s brand or they are in conflict, it will impact you negatively. Protecting your employer’s brand is your priority.

3. If God wants you there, there you will be. The question then becomes: Why did God put you there?

2. I am powerless. I am in God’s hands. This is the best place to be.

1. As we get older, our childhood faith transitions to hope. Faith in God is no longer a concept. Faith in God is a reality. As life ends, we see ever more clearly that God begins.