10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurial Success with the Question of the Day

10. Give your dream the opportunity to succeed. It takes time for the spark to turn into a fire, but don’t let your bank account burn away in the meantime.

9. Be resilient like 25. Be smart like 65. At 25 you ran through walls, but at 65 you know which walls have opportunity on the other side.

8. My market and I live life together. Grow old together. Retire together. Die together. Stay close to your market, and your market will stay close to you.

7. Starting is the essence of hope, just as ending is the absence of hope.

6. Don’t let inadequacies kill the idea God gave you.

5. Once your business is supporting itself, you are challenged with how to grow it profitably. This is a higher challenge than how to stay in business.

4. Three things are required for a sustainable business: cover fixed expenses, pay employees a livable wage, and pay yourself a livable wage. Fail these and the business is not sustainable.

3. As I look back on life, I realize God took me through a process. A process of how to trust Him and not myself. A process I’m still learning.

2. First step in trusting God is to speak the idea. Most will laugh, but some will support you.

1. Question of the Day: Are you spending time with those who will water your dream or with those who will throw shade on it?

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3 thoughts on “10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurial Success with the Question of the Day

  1. Hello Charlie –
    Many thanks for the article…..
    I find benefit from all 10 points.
    For me, ‘notions’ 2. and 3. are of particular value.
    “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” – William Carey (1761-1834).

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