10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs and Angels. Plus today’s question.

10. There must be a connection between the entrepreneur and the potential investor.

9. Starting is the presence of hope, and ending is the absence of hope.

8. Decade-long relationships are more valuable than money. When I’ve made this mistake, I’ve lost.

7. The entrepreneur’s best advisor spends more time on encouragement and less on advice.

6. The right people offer little compromise and bring a whole lot to the party.

5. Many successful entrepreneurs lacks experience but make up for it in energy. If they knew what was ahead of them, they would never start.

4. People who know their idea will be the seed that grows the mighty oak of a company.

3. The successful entrepreneur seeks advice, analyzes it, and makes a decision. She is not born of tremulous indecision.

2. Angel investing is fun. You are always surrounded by smart, motivated, and totally idealistic people.

1. Today’s Question: Your insecurities will either kill your dream or severely limit it. What’s limiting you?