10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Success and Today’s Question

10. Market momentum should be checked against what is happening on the ground. What are the uninvolved people doing and saying?

9. The process achieves the goal, so focus on the process and not the goal.

8. An entrepreneur pursues his vision regardless of the resources currently under his control.

7. The problem with developing patience and discipline is it takes both of them to acquire one of them.

6. Letting past failures define present attitude kills future success.

5. Our four needs: 1. Meaningful work. 2. Someone to love. 3. Someone to believe in. 4. Something to hope for.

4. Embrace loyalty as a core value because of the positive effect it will have on you, your life, your business, and your market.

3. Want to be a better leader? Invest in being a better speaker. Leaders are speakers.

2. You can easily identify a self-serving leader. They are concerned with the hierarchy.

1. Today’s Question: How do you eliminate the distractions that compromise your vision?