10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Success and Today’s Question

10. Growing too slowly increases the risk of missing the opportunity to grow big.

9. The founder brings credibility to the company by owning a good brand and having a good reputation.

8. You need employees who intuitively understand how your target market works, thinks, and buys. People buy from people who understand their business.

7. When the founders of the business are loyal to each other, they will attract loyal employees, vendors, and customers.

6. If you do not have money to pay employees, they will be distracted and the business will suffer.

5. Everyone knows if you, the founder, are living hand-to-mouth. No one will want to do business with you except those who are also living hand-to-mouth. Not good.

4. If you want money, show potential investors your relationships: industry, referral network, and your team.

3. Your company’s culture is the differentiator for your company in the marketplace. It determines how things get done, how your people interact, and defines right from wrong.

2. If you used up all your money because of your insecurity, shame on you. You never gave yourself a chance.

1. Today’s Question: How does fear keep you from achieving that which you so earnestly seek?