10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Worry and Success

10. Anxiousness from success is good. It will spur you forward to accomplish more and will thwart complacency. Embrace it.

9. Anxiousness from failure is bad. It will cause even the good to sour. Resist it. Resist it. Resist it.

8. Knowing and believing there is no retreat, no plan B, the ships are burned is the greatest success principle.

7. Success comes when you have conceded defeat but continue to push forward.

6. When whatever I am working on “has to work,” I am anxious.

5. When I work, I am focused and engaged. When I stop working and think about the “what if,” I wreck.

4. From AA, I know: Focus on the future, and you are anxious. Focus on the past, and you are regretful. Focus on the present, and you are content.

3. When I’m looking forward or back and get wrapped around the axle, I ask God to bring me back to the present. He is in control, not me.

2. All I can do is what I can do right now, and that is all I need to bring me contentment.

1. Can anyone add a single hour to life by worrying? Reflect on Matthew 6:25-34.

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One thought on “10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Worry and Success

  1. Thanks for the direct link to Matthew 6. I’ve read that passage hundreds of times in my life, but it never gets old. And I needed to read it today.
    God bless,

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