10 Thoughts for Success in Life and Business (Plus Today’s Question)

10. The further away the entrepreneur is from direct knowledge of the problem, the more assumptions must be made and the greater the likelihood those assumptions will be wrong.

9. The founder focused on capital will lose to the entrepreneur focused on business growth.

8. The greater the success, the greater the vulnerability for the next decision to be bad.

7. The entrepreneur taking an outside investment would be wise to ensure she is aligned with the lead angel and all the other investors. Surprises are always bad surprises.

6. The entrepreneur who is fulfilling a mission that has no shot at profitability is the definition of a nonprofit.

5. No business should be written off as dead until it is actually dead.

4. “Servant leaders are not remembered for their service. They are remembered for the servant leaders they helped create,” Rusty Gordon

3. The entrepreneur plants, waters, and tends the field. It is God who brings the harvest.

2. The entrepreneur who masters time will also master money.

1. Today’s Question: As the founder: Do you believe in headcount or heart count?