10 Thoughts for Success Plus the Question of the Day

10. Entrepreneurs communicate their visions of the future in such a way that they resonate with us as truths.

9. Only be accountable to reliable people.

8. Successful entrepreneurs have a vision for life and not just for business. Their vision reaches well beyond themselves to people in need.

7. The sixth sense for selling starts with a keen ability to qualify the prospect. Everything else flows from there.

6. If you use up all your money because of insecurity, shame on you. You never gave yourself a chance. People can and will help you.

5. The entrepreneur risks everything. This is required to change the world.

4. Three greatest temptations: pleasure, popularity, power. Master these, and you will succeed. If not, regret will be your shadow.

3. To the entrepreneur experiencing rejection: You can’t be everything to everyone. It’s not personal. Learn from the experience. Next!

2. The result of loyalty is a business which is celebrated and supported in the marketplace.

1. Question of the Day: To whom or what are you loyal? To whom or what are your people loyal?