10 Thoughts for Successful Angel Investing

10. As an investor, trust your instincts and experience.

9. Always be in the present. The present is staying in the process. There is no anxiety in the process.

8. Rule of thumb from a successful angel: Set aside 8% of your net worth for angel investing activities.

7. As an angel investor, your purpose should be embedded in your investment thesis.

6. More important than investing in what you know is knowing what you don’t know.

5. Before investing, we want the big return. After investing, we want risk mitigation. It’s human nature.

4. If you and the entrepreneur are not aligned, there will surprises. Surprises are bad. Always.

3. Nothing breeds poor investment decisions like just having had a successful exit.

2. Invest because you believe the product or company is a winner not because everyone else does.

1. It is your money you are investing. Take the responsibility, and be excited about your investment. This is the heart of angel investing.