10 Thoughts for the Wise Entrepreneur with the Question of the Day

10. Love, honor, and commitment: Required for a good marriage and required for a successful business.

9. The successful entrepreneur surrounds herself with smart people who will argue with her.

8. Entrepreneurs do what mere humans cannot. They compel others to make their vision a reality.

7. Keep doing what you are really good at and you’ll build a valuable business. The key is to stick to what you know.

6. If you want to make your business work, dedicate your life to learning the secrets, the nuances, of the market you are serving.

5. Creativity plus capital combined with hard work is the ticket to success.

4. The entrepreneur is like the artist. The struggle to create is real.

3. When it comes time to sell your business, consider hiring an investment banker who knows the companies who will pay that price.

2. If you have earned trust and respect, be willing to risk a relationship to speak the truth.

1. Question of the Day: Do you care enough for those seeking your advice to put the relationship at risk?