10 Thoughts for 2020 Vision

10. If you build your social life around scheduled events, it can be entertaining, but it’s a poor substitute for real connection. Quickly life becomes too scheduled and preoccupied to just hang out. I know I’ve done this.

9. You are your last gig. In other words, whatever job you held last, that is where the market will judge your value and expertise.

8. When anxiety is out of control, we focus on ourselves when instead we should be thinking about everyone but ourselves.

7. Gratitude born of humility washes away anxiety. A servant’s heart fears no one.

6. Be selective of those you spend time with, whether it is in business or life, your executive team or your weekend friends. If they don’t determine your actions, they will influence how you think. Choose wisely.

5. A leader is defined by the people they lead, the cause they embrace, and the values they set.

4. When you know where you belong, you can be sure of who you are. This is the truth you become as an adult.

3. Discover your roots, and you’ll discover yourself. Without the roots, there is no introduction to your life, no character development, and a big piece of your story is missing.

2. Don’t try to live a lie. Over the years, I sometimes tried to be someone I wasn’t. I tried to deny my roots. I feigned having the roots I wish I had. But I am the product of my roots. You are too.

1. Jesus loved by dying on the cross while I was still a sinner, undeserving of love. All I had to do was believe in Him. I did. I found love. Forever.