10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs with the Question of the Day

10. The real risk for the entrepreneur is not money; it is their self-esteem, their identity.

9. Keep doing what you are good at and you’ll always build a valuable business.

8. The wise entrepreneur seeks advice from someone who has been there and done that.

7. If you are a mentor, advisor, or friend, you need to care enough, love enough, to be honest.

6. The secure entrepreneur will accomplish what the timid only dream of achieving.

5. The would-be entrepreneur who ignores her dreams will eventually discover it dissipates and finally disappears.

4. When someone asks, “Why do you…?,” you must have an answer that connects with your soul.

3. Only a true entrepreneur has the guts to pursue his idea with everything he’s got.

2. For success, the entrepreneur and the investor must connect on the what, the why, and the who.

1. Question of the Day: What challenges have you ignored? What dream have you allowed to dissipate?