10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs

10. If the business you are starting is a good investment and you have the means, you should invest along with your angel investors. You need to be at risk for more than the loss of reputation.

9. What you believe and how you behave is how the company will believe and behave.

8. People are the quickest way to grow a business and the greatest expense.

7. Too much money is a bad thing. If you have money in the bank and you know a bonus check is coming next month, you will spend more money. It is human nature.

6. The founder’s character sets the tone in the startup. Who you are, the way you treat others, and the rules you play by are the culture you define.

5. In a startup, it is critical that everyone on the payroll is doing all they can to get the startup to profitability.

4. The company is a reflection of the founder’s personal rules, social rules, and community rules.

3. As the founder, you set the tone for everything from expected working hours, to whether it is okay to chat in the break room, to which business objectives have priority.

2. Commit to the impossible. This is entrepreneuring. You are about to undertake a goal deemed impossible to achieve.

1. Today’s Question: Are you committed to achieving your dream? Really committed?