10 Thoughts on the Entrepreneurial Life

From My Notebook

I love entrepreneurs. They are at the heart of what makes our economy great. They see a goal and push for it. Nothing stops them. They sacrifice themselves, their egos, their time, and their energy to see success. Here are 10 thoughts to inspire and encourage you in your quest for entrepreneurial greatness.

10. Good entrepreneurs are smart and driven. Add experience and contemplation, and you have discovered greatness.

9. Experienced entrepreneurs solve a well-defined problem and close deals quickly.

8. The best product to sell is not what the prospects needs, but what the prospects needs and wants.

7. When serving others, you always get back more than you put in.

6. A great entrepreneur’s drive outpaces their discipline.

5. If your sales cycle seems to go forever, revisit the problem you are solving. Narrow the scope and close deals.

4. Startups have one big issue which is out of their control. Time.

3. Stumble off the path and your startup is done.

2. Setting the pace and culture in a young, fast-growth organization will result in casualties and then greatness.

1. Persistence is the greatest attribute and predictor of success for the entrepreneur.

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