10 Thoughts on Entrepreneurial Success with the Question of the Day

10. Every successful founding team has the right blend of industry experience and functional skills. 

9. First and foremost, you need employees who intuitively know how your target market works, thinks, and buys. People buy from people who understand their business.

8. Think of your early investors as co-founders because cash is oxygen. 

7. If you are living a meager existence, only those doing the same will do business with you. Not a winning formula. 

6. If you lack money to pay employees, you’ll end up hiring the distracted, disengaged, and soon disillusioned. 

5. Slow growth increases your risk of missed opportunity.

4. Great planning begins with clearly articulated constraints.

3. Humility born of pain turns a leader into the leader.

2. Who you are is more important than what you do. Always.

1. Question of the Day: What is your leadership blindspot that inhibits success?