10 Truths for Discovering Your True Purpose

10. I haven’t met anybody in business who found their purpose right out of college.

9. You have to get up, show up, and work hard every day.

8. Whatever you do, even if you know it isn’t what you’ll do forever, do it with every bit of commitment and energy you have in you.

7. Developing a work ethic is the first step in finding purpose.

6. I have met too many people who say, “You have to make a living.” These are the people who work to make money so they can do what they enjoy when they are not working.

5. You know you haven’t found your purpose if you continue to experience discontent.

4. Discontent in what you are doing is a truth-filled emotion. It doesn’t mean you need to quit and go somewhere else, but it does mean you need to keep seeking.

3. Attach yourself to mentors. When they come into your life, you’ll be challenged by something inside you that says, “Ask him for help.” Do it! Don’t delay!

2. If they are the people God sent your way, they will respond. After all, you are also a part of their destiny.

1. The path to discovering purpose: work, search for truth, and find mentors.