11 Thoughts on Failure for Entrepreneurs

11. Pay attention to failure. Learn from it. Embrace the pain. Then move on.

10. Unwillingness to concede failure guarantees its repetition.

9. There are two great predictors of failure: Downtrodden dejection and preening arrogance.

8. The dejected flounder because they never look up.

7. The arrogant fall because they never look down.

6. The surest way to err is to embrace the smug confidence of success.

5. Be faithful in effort and success will find you. Not immediately. That’s not likely. But it will.

4. Find your lane and master it. Pursue many lanes and success will elude you.

3. Diverse pursuits make mice of men who would otherwise achieve.

2. When the lazy and the unfocused see success born of singular determination as luck, they make failure their comrade.

1. The entrepreneur who succeeds finds through failure: knowledge, hope, and, eventually, triumph.