11 Thoughts on Leadership and Entrepreneurship

11. You have to get up, show up, and work hard every day.

10. Whatever you do, even if you know it isn’t what you’ll do forever, do it with every bit of commitment and energy you have in you.

9. Developing a work ethic is the first step in finding purpose.

8. You know you haven’t found your purpose if you continue to experience discontent. Discontent in what you are doing is a truth-filled emotion.

7. Being unsatisfied at work doesn’t mean you need to quit and go somewhere else, but it does mean you need to keep seeking. You should be asking the question, “What else is out there for me?”

6. People are your appointment with destiny. God brings them into your life for a reason. Don’t squander it.

5. It’s important to recognize the purpose you should be living now and live it. Life rarely happens as we expect.

4. Establishing value and mining it with purpose brings success at any age.

3. To create, you need to concentrate.

2. Start and build a company that produces cash. That’s value.

1. To be a friend to others, I must be a friend to Jesus. He is the author of friendship.