11 Thoughts on Life and Success

The last few weeks have been amazing! Thousands attended the conference in Uganda. Millions heard the gospel by radio. Now it’s back to the exciting work God has for me in Atlanta. Here are a few thoughts that have pressed themselves upon me. Read and ask God what truths He wants you to learn from your life.

11. Great leaders are called leaders because they make the sacrifice first.

10. Know where your garden is. Stop looking over the fence. You are sitting in the midst of diamonds. Focus on it. Pay attention to it. Work it. Watch it grow.

9. Think about the harvest you desire, and then start sowing what you must to achieve that end.

8. Raising children shows us what we were like when we were their age. It is a magnifying mirror.

7. The curse of our age is the feeling of entitlement.

6. Live in total forgiveness. The greater the hurt, the greater the injustice, the greater the blessing.

5. You show a person how much you esteem them by how much time you spend with them.

4. Failure or success is fundamentally found in your personal commitment to work, not where you work. If you are a good worker, you will succeed wherever you are.

3. Hope is the leading edge of every vision.

2. People are paralyzed because they have no vision. They are waiting for a better life to come upon them.

1. Being an entrepreneur is a mindset and not an occupation. You can be an entrepreneur in any occupation.

Would you like to hear me speak on “Bringing Jesus to Work?” I’ve been invited to address the men’s group of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church on September 25th at 7 AM. If you would like to join me, please click for more details. Registration closes Sunday morning.

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