12 Thoughts on Why Confrontation Is Good and Necessary

1. Confrontations are necessary to build deeper and more meaningful relationships.

2. Confront before resentment destroys you.

3. When resentment has taken root, the relationship has already begun to be destroyed. Act beforehand to prevent this from happening.

4. Potentially relationship-ending confrontations must only be done with prayer and preparation. The stakes are too high to just walk in and confront.

5. Delaying confrontation creates tension and stress. Stress shortens life.

6. Life it too short for festering tension.

7. When the stakes are high, positions are dug in.

8. Hold on to what’s bothering you for too long and your relationships will suffer.

9. Relationship resentment slowly poisons your relationships with those not directly involved.

10. Over time resentments show up, and when you finally have the confrontation, the relationship gets destroyed anyway.

11. Know which stage you’re at before contronting: I care. I don’t care. I care too much.

12. Every stage has a unique strategy. Plan accordingly. But don’t delay.