12 Thoughts on Why You Need to Be Accountable

12. You need someone who can keep you morally centered. This person has your respect and cares enough to ask you hard questions. Repeatedly.

11. Success eventually leads to pride. You may not think this will happen to you, but it will.

10. The antidote to pride is making yourself humble. The making is never a one-time occurrence. With each success, humility becomes increasingly important.

9. Humility before God starts with humility before man.

8. The lynchpin to personal humility is making yourself accountable.

7. If your accountability is fun, you are not doing it right. It’s hard. This is why so few are willing to do it.

6. No man stands before God and says, “This is a good time.” The same with putting yourself in accountability to another.

5. Holding another accountable starts with asking hard questions. It demands you ask those questions over and over. Then pray and love and continue through human frailty.

4. When you find someone willing to take on the task of holding you accountable, don’t take it lightly.

3. Treat your accountability relationship as gold. Treasure it.

2. My personal accountability continues to be the maximizer from which all other achievements flow.

1. Personal accountability will maximize your success. Throw it aside and risk everything you hold dear.