11 Thoughts on How Selfishness Prevents True Fulfillment

11. Work is fulfilling; then, suddenly, it isn’t.

10. When work is fulfilling, you are in the zone. You know what you are doing. But that fulfillment never lasts.

9. Just as you are reaching the pinnacle, you realize it does not matter.

8. Not only does the work not matter, but you’ll just have to do it again since the first time didn’t bring fulfillment.

7. Fulfillment only comes after releasing control and helping others achieve success.

6. Releasing control means encouraging and watching, but not doing.

5. If it was going to be, it couldn’t be up to me. My first two startup investments failed because I tried to be co-CEO.

4. Giving up control is impossible on your own. The only way I could get there was to rely on God.

3. Relying is not passive. It’s a daily practice of prayer and submission.

2. Self-centeredness makes meaning elusive.

1. Meaning is found by being authentic. When I trusted God, my meaning became real.