12. A funding event is not a success. It simply lights the fuse on your startup.

15 Rules for Success in Business and Life

15. Forecasting a higher sales number causes the sales reps to NOT be objective when talking about their pipeline.

14. You reap what you sow. But never forget: Keep sowing even when you begin reaping or there won’t be a next harvest!

13. Be in the Word of God daily, and God will send an instructor to guide you to better days!

12. A funding event is not a success. It simply lights the fuse on your startup.

11. You can’t give away what you don’t have. Be the very best at what you do.

10. When the vision of the new you is more compelling than the vision of the old you, you make the change.

9. My first management mentor said, “Don’t watch his mouth. Watch his feet.” It ain’t what they say. It’s what they do.

8. When the entrepreneur loses hope in the business, the business is hopeless.

7. Expenses to a startup are luggage. The more you have, the heavier the load. The heavier the load, the longer it takes to get up to speed (positive cash flow).

6. The financial condition of your partner is your business and your future.

5. If you look for people who simply invest money, you will get people who just invest money. Money should add value beyond the money.

4. The inexperienced entrepreneur has the secret to a treasure in his heart. When he tells angels, they don’t believe him.

3. God uses us in spite of our weaknesses. If this were not true, He would never use anyone. Period.

2. Your beliefs dictate your behavior. Watch what you do, and you’ll figure out what you believe. It may surprise you.

1. Sales is the engine that drives the bus. No sales means no cash, no business, no dream. To succeed, dream sales.

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