10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs plus Today’s Question

10. For the entrepreneur intent on success, the real money comes by staying the course. Go deeper in your expertise, set the pace, and expect good things to happen.

9. Sometimes God gets our attention by eliminating what is the focus of our attention and time.

8. You should live inside the industry you intend to serve. This is where you’ll discover the market data which is not easily discovered by an industry outsider asking survey questions. It is hidden. It is secret. It is part of the collective industry conscience.

7. There is no shortcut to customer loyalty. You cannot fake loyalty as the core value of a business. You and your people must be loyal to each other and to the market you serve.

6. A conflict in culture at the leadership level creates confusion throughout the company.

5. When your values and the values of the people you work for are at odds, you are at a crossroads. You must either abandon your values for the company’s values or leave.

4. When trying to decide on a career direction, start by going back to your last good memory.

3. Making a change in life is difficult. Not making it leads to a life of regrets.

2. When the dissatisfaction in your occupation hits, no matter what your age, you need to trust the process. Step out and see what God does to bring you to your destiny.

1. What should you stop doing today because it is holding you back from the destiny God wants for you?