For over 20 years, I’ve been an professional angel investor and entrepreneur. My mission is to help you take the next steps in business and life.

10 facts about Charlie

1. Professional angel investor and co-founder of 12 startups.

2. Invested in 23 startups in the last 23 years.

3. Since 1992 focused on helping entrepreneurs start and build their company.

4. Mentors 10 startup founders and advise many more on a daily basis.

5. Offices at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA.

6. Founder and director of Angel Lounge in Atlanta.

7. Had five exits which netted an 50% IRR (internal return rate).

8. Continually thinks about helping entrepreneurs build the company of their dreams and great value for investors.

9. A recovering alcoholic who, thanks to the recovery process, entered into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

10. Has a God given passion for entrepreneurs, to love and serve them.

I have 3 beliefs…

1. There is a reason God puts each entrepreneur in my life. I need to discover the reason and help with next steps for the entrepreneur.

2. Every day I must intercede in prayer, asking God to share his mercy, blessing and protection for every entrepreneur who shares their story with me.

3. My investment and mentoring relationships tie my destiny to God’s destiny for the entrepreneur. It is always a wild ride.

Angel investing is a contact sport. It is not about investing in companies. It is all about investing in people and their families. I love it and wouldn’t think of doing anything else. God uses me every day in these activities as an angel investor.