Amazing! An Encouraging Word…365 Days Later!

I couldn’t believe it. The supernatural is real. God is in every detail of my life and yours, too!

Here’s what happened.

I was scheduled for my confirmation prostate biopsy on Wednesday morning at 7 am. This is part of the active surveillance protocol which used to be called “watchful waiting.”

The purpose of this invasive procedure was to compare the results from the initial diagnostic biopsy to results one year later. If the results were similar, I would continue on active surveillance. If there was a change for the worse, a new treatment course would have to be decided.

I was sitting in the hospital admissions area before going to radiology and was flipping through my emails when I ran across this note.

Good morning Charlie,
I hope you are doing well and looking forward to the holidays with family.
I felt led to pray for you immensely this morning and remember God is
all around you!

I was agitated about all this biopsy stuff. Not really because of the possibility of bad news. I don’t think that far ahead. There is enough stress for me in the procedure.

I don’t know Daniel. We’ve never met. Yet this was the second email from him. The first email was when I announced I had prostate cancer. Now, just as I was about to undergo more tests, feeling the weight of it all, suddenly I heard from Daniel again. Amazing!

God is with me.

In November last year, I wrote an article announcing I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. So many of you, dear readers, were kind enough to write to me. Some offering advice, others telling outcome stories, some sharing their journey and stories of hope, and others offering prayer. This reader was part of the prayer group of emails.

I felt the need to answer everyone who wrote to me. It took me two days to get back to everyone. It was hard to write these answers. I felt like I was soaking in this disease and all the possible outcomes. But I did answer everyone. And by reading these emails, I learned how to support those who make these types of health announcements.

I now write an encouraging email to people who find themselves in this position. I write in a way that it is clear I am not expecting an answer. I just want them to know: I love them. I’m praying for them. I’m available to them.

Again…365 days later.

Back to the story. Here was God telling Daniel, whom I haven’t heard from in a year, to pray for me. That is incredible! In fact, his second encouraging email came exactly 365 days after his first email. Amazing!

Is God really this deeply embedded in my day-to-day life? I believe he is. Praise you, Lord! Thank you, Jesus!

Quick update on my diagnosis.

I would be remiss if I did not give an update. It looks like the cancer did not progress, nor did the cancer change its severity or aggressiveness. I am still a Gleason 6 with six of 12 samples testing positive.

There are no “architecture abnormalities.” This means the prostate still looks and feels like a normal prostate. No lumps or bulges.

All good news.

My urologist and I agreed to continue our course of treatment, active surveillance. The protocol includes monitoring PSA levels tri-annually. And I must undergo an MRI in a year to see if there is a change in my prostate architecture.

Thank you for loving me and your continued interest in my prognosis. Most importantly, thanks for your continued prayer support. It overwhelms me to think so many people are interceding to our God on my behalf.

Thank you!

Did I mention how much I dislike medical procedures? My urologist calls any invasive procedure “leaving footprints.” Footprints are not good!